Music Instructors

Rob Portillo (Guitar Lessons)

Rob PortilloHey! My name is Rob, and for the last 20 years I have been teaching and playing Guitar.  Music is my passion and I am lucky to have made it such a big part of my life and career.  Although I love rock and blues, part of being a great musician is knowing and playing multiple genres. I approach every lesson with a stress free, fun experience in mind.  Each student has, and should set, their own personal goals which we can work towards. I am excited to meet you and look forward to jamming and learning together.

Brandon Dull (Guitar Lessons)

Hey, my name is Brandon Dull and I’ve been playing guitar for over ten years. Playing in bands as needed and volunteering time with musical education programs around Maryland, I currently work with several bands in the area as guitar tech and repair all sorts of local instruments in Frederick. I love seeing more music in the world. I grew up on blues rock and have come to love jazz, country, soul, and funk. I move in the direction of the student and guide them along the way to keep things fun and versatile.


Matt Howard (Guitar Lessons)

Hello, my name is Matt and I am excited to share my love IMG_0587of music with you! I have appreciation for all instruments but guitar will always be number one in my book! My goal is to help you develop a strong comfort and understanding for your instrument, while providing a low pressure environment. I’m very adaptable and will center my lessons around you, teaching you you’re favorite songs while helping you develop good technique as well as a foundation in music theory. Together we will find your style and unlock your inner musical potential!

Christa Palmer (Piano Lessons)

20141230_125809HI, my name is Christa. Being an outgoing and goofy musician has always helped my teaching. I have been playing piano for over 20 years and have been performing music since I was 6!!! When I was about 18 years old, I realized teaching was a passion of mine that also lets me just play for fun. 


RayLee Peterson (Piano and Voice Lessons)

Hi there, I’m RayLee! I have been playing piano and singing since I was five years old and while I am classically trained, I also participate in musical theater. I went to Frederick Community College and earned my AA in Music with piano as my first instrument and flute as my second and am currently studying at Hood College. Music is and always will be a significant part of my life; Having this opportunity to teach others something that has brought me so much joy over the years is a personal highlight for me and my music career.


 Lizzie Hushour (Flute and Trumpet Lessons)c9da32ea-8066-43f0-92bf-2d8b2fa03418

Hi everyone! My name is Lizzie and I am currently a music major at FCC. Having fun and learning new things about music is very important to me. I want to help my students grow with music and make an impact on them. If it weren’t for my teachers before I wouldn’t be as passionate about music as I am today.

Joni Mason (Drum Lessons)

Joni MasonHi! My name is Joni, I teach drums and percussion with 15 years experience behind the drum kit, gaining the majority of my knowledge from writing, recording and performing in local bands.  I am so excited to share the knowledge I have gained throughout the years with my students, using the power of music to uplift the them by building confidence and providing a comfortable, safe medium to express their individuality and creativity.

CJ Harrison (Drum Lessons)

Hi, I’m CJ! I’ve been drumming for 12 years, and my CJ Harrisonpersonal style is a unique combination of rock, Afro-Cuban, metal, swing, funk, and jazz! I also love playing snare drum solos. My favorite bands are Switchfoot, Pillar, and the Eagles, and my favorite drummers are Peter Erskine, Lester Estelle, Jr., and Stanton Moore. Drumming is a lot of fun, and I love showing my students that and helping them develop their own styles.