Music Lessons

Jim’s House of Music offers a unique experience for Music Lessons.  All of our lessons are the same price for every teacher and instrument.  For $120 a month you will receive one 30 minute lesson per week, regardless of whether it is a four or five week month!  Our universal policies allow us more flexibility in our scheduling.  For example, you can use your make up appointments to try new lessons on new instruments at no additional cost!

The most important part of any course of study is effective communication between the student and the teacher.  Not every student learns the same way.  Whether the student responds to a well structured method book or prefers to learn through their favorite songs, we will tailor the lessons to any particular style.  Every teacher at Jim’s has the same goal for all new and beginning students; to find their passion. It is that passion for their instrument that will lead them to a lifetime a fun and exciting musical experiences.

Come in and check out our home, we can’t wait to meet you.