About Us

I’m Jim, owner and operator of Jim’s House of Music. That’s my family in the picture above and I’m the one with the awesome fedora. I want to tell you a little bit about myself.  I grew up in the Howard County Public School System and have been playing the Saxophone for over twenty years.  I went to University of Maryland, College Park and performed with the Mighty Sound of Maryland at all home football and basketball games. (GO TERPS!) Since college, I have been working in music stores, teaching and working with musicians.  This is my passion. Teaching music and helping people, both young and old, create their own musical experiences is truly my dream job, and it is so rewarding working with people here in Frederick Maryland.  I am fortunate enough to have so many great memories from my involvement in music, like this one time…at band camp… (Yes, I actually went to band camp, many times)

This store is my chance to give back to a musical community that has given me so much. The people in Frederick County are so kind and the town of New Market is rapidly growing, I am thankful for the chance to grow with it. Here’s to a whole new set of memories!